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An Introduction to Child Development

An Introduction to Child Development By Dr Thomas Keenan
The Second Edition of An Introduction to Child Development has been fully updated to provide a comprehensive survey of the main areas of child development, from infancy through to adolescence. Equipping students with an appreciation of critical issues in the field and an understanding of empirical research that bears on the study of children, the text provides balanced coverage of topics and theoretical perspectives that represent both classic and cutting edge work in child development. In terms of new content, it now covers more on the biological foundations of development, plus new chapters on moral development and applied developmental psychology. The Second Edition includes the following features: – learning points – section & chapter summaries, – end-of-chapter glossaries – suggestions for further reading – sample multiple choice questions – sidebars featuring in depth discussions of key research findings or points of debate within the field of child development. The text comes with a dedicated website with resources for both students and instructors.
An Introduction to Child Development was a fast read for me . I couldn’t put it down. It had me laughing and crying. Definitely worth the money and time Great read
An Introduction to Child Development is very well, and whether you are new to the series or not I believe you would enjoy this book.

A Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

A Cat on a Hot Tin Roof By Astrid Cooper
Kellyn, a lynx shifter, has survived a terrible battle. Horribly disfigured, he arrives on a property in outback South Australia, his memory shattered, along with his beauty. All he knows is that the world on which he is trapped is not safe. He must hide from all humans—except one. Alexander, an artist recluse, has no time for most people, which is probably just as well, because the guy he rescues isn’t exactly human. Both men deny their immediate, mutual attraction. Alex doesn’t want his heart broken again and Kel believes he has nothing to offer—he’s just a cat with a scarred mind and body. But a cat has no chance when a human gets under his fur and when Alex tangles with a cat, it’s love at first lick.
I think everyone should read A Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. It is helpful not only for work environment but for life. I strongly recommend this.
If you have read other books by Astrid Cooper you don’t need reviews to tell you why you will love this book

Sugar Gets Spanked

Sugar Gets Spanked By Honey Lane
READ AN EXCERPT: Getting to her dressing room, Lori sat at her dressing table and removed her wig, her session still fresh in her head. She couldn’t understand why Tyler had such an effect on her. She had been pole dancing for quite some time and she had seen wealthy handsome clients, but none had ever sparked such an arousal in her. Her job entailed only to entertain and arouse the clients, anything more would be out of the dancer’s own will and account. Since she’d broken up with Kurt, she’d never bothered getting herself bogged down in relationships, and although Kurt was good in bed, she never really enjoyed it much. Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted by Layla. “So how was it?” she asked. “It was okay, my friend. My client loved me so much he asked me out on a date!” “Like, that’s a first, Did you say yes? Is he cute?” Layla prodded with unabashed interest. “Well, he is very, very handsome and no, I said no, I told him I’d get his number the next time I danced for him.” “Are you crazy Lori, you didn’t even get his number? For heavens sake the guy only wanted to take you on a date. Knowing you, it’s not like you’re going to fuck him the first night. Even though if it were up to me I think you should get a man to fuck you from time to time. It’s been quite a while since you got laid girl. C’mon, live a little!” Layla said as she bumped her hips on Lori’s side. “You are crazy Layla. You mean to tell me that you think I’m stuck up because I haven’t gotten laid?” “That’s exactly what I’m saying, Lori, and with the work we do I always wonder how come you haven’t fucked someone yet. Just choose one client and enjoy yourself, and I know I’m crazy but you love me,” she teased. They got changed and drove to their apartment at around three in the morning. Lori tossed and turned in her bed as flashes of Tyler’s face haunted her thoughts, his green eyes so gorgeous and sexy. The feel of his dick between her legs made her wet and she touched herself.
No wonder Sugar Gets Spanked won the couldn’t put it down. Each character comes to life in an extraordinary tale.
I highly recommend Sugar Gets Spanked. All in a good book not regretting having read it.

Eprise d un Aviateur

Eprise d un Aviateur By Rosamund Cole
Ericka n’a jamais eu le goût du risque, et mène une vie très tranquille. Sa rencontre avec Paul, un aviateur extrêmement séduisant, va-t-elle la transformer ? Saura-t-il lui faire atteindre… le septième ciel ?
Eprise d un Aviateur without overdoing it. The detail was great without dragging down the story. I bought it because of the awards it won and I was not disappointed.
I was so impressed with this novel. It is the best book I have read in years. I thoroughly enjoyed the story, and I fell in love with all of the characters. I cried and laughed and really felt I could see through their eyes. I savored every page, and I totally recommend Eprise d un Aviateur.

My Passage to Womanhood Volume Six

My Passage to Womanhood Volume Six By Clare Penne
Volume-Six of Clare Penne's transgender and femdom fiction saga continues.Our hero – now heroine – may be fully transitioned but the ever demanding and dominant woman that is now Saffi insists he – now she – is not properly trained to serve her in the way she requires.It’s back to Doha and the harem for some training and experiences that surpass even those of Clare’s previous visit.With the advent of Saffi into Clare’s life, what had always been a sexually unconventional lifestyle had become, in the short time he/she had known his new partner, a whole different world as Clare’s already comfortable day-to-day became one with that of Saffi and her super rich family.But it’s not their wealth alone that sets this particular family apart.Told he/she is to serve, both sexually and otherwise, Saffi, her family, and anyone else they chose to receive his/her favours, Clare’s life becomes one of devotion and oral servitude as Saffi guides him along the road to a complete and unconditional slavery. It is a slavery unlikely to be recognised by the world at large but, to Clare, is as real and binding as any of the legal varieties one could have expected to find in Ancient Egypt, Persia or Rome.What is about to happen to him/her in the harem at Doha, however, will make the events of his/her own recent past seem as nothing.A femdom ebook from Femdom Cave.
recommend it to anyone who wants to read a fast pace, edge of your seat My Passage to Womanhood Volume Six.
Just sit back and enjoy. Nothing to figure out, nothing to scare me, just laugh and enjoy. I like that quality in My Passage to Womanhood Volume Six sometimes as well and this one There really weren’t any surprises in this book, but it was an enjoyable read.

Netnography Doing Ethnographic Research Online

Netnography Doing Ethnographic Research Online By Robert V Kozinets
With as many as 1 billion people now using online communities such as newsgroups, blogs, forums, social networking sites, podcasting, videocasting, photosharing communities, and virtual worlds, the internet is now an important site for research. This exciting new text is the first to explore the discipline of ‘Netnography’ – the conduct of ethnography over the internet – a method specifically designed to study cultures and communities online. For the first time, full procedural guidelines for the accurate and ethical conduct of ethnographic research online are set out, with detailed, step-by-step guidance to thoroughly introduce, explain, and illustrate the method to students and researchers. The author also surveys the latest research on online cultures and communities, focusing on the methods used to study them, with examples focusing on the new elements and contingencies of the blogosphere (blogging), microblogging, videocasting, podcasting, social networking sites, virtual worlds and more. This book will be essential reading for researchers and students in social sciences such as anthropology, sociology, marketing and consumer research, organization and management studies and cultural and media studies.
i seriously cannot believe that Netnography Doing Ethnographic Research Online has so many five star ratings. I made time to read the entire book once I started.
I read these stories first and was delighted to read them. Robert V Kozinets is writer Excellent.

Alachua County Florida

Alachua County’s African American ancestry contributed significantly to the area’s history. Onceenslaved pioneers Richard and Juliann Sams settled in Archer as early as 1839. They were former slaves of James M. Parchman, who journeyed through the wilderness from Parchman, Mississippi. They and others shaped the county’s history through inventions, education, and work ethics based on spirituality. This book shows people working together, from the early1800s rural farm life, when racial violence was routine, until African Americans broke the chains of injustice and started organizing and controlling civic affairs.
Alachua County Florida was a fast read for me . I couldn’t put it down. It had me laughing and crying. Definitely worth the money and time Great read
Alachua County Florida By Lizzie PRB Jenkins
I enjoyed the characters, storyline and suspense. I also love the main character, This is well worth reading, I am motivated to read the previous books in the series. However, the pricing does need to be better and more consistent. All in all, this is a fun read!