My Passage to Womanhood Volume Five

My Passage to Womanhood Volume Five By Clare Penne
Clare’s transformation is now complete to the point of being a eunuch. But Saffi has yet more sacrifices in mind for her obliging partner…Volume-Five of this transgender rites of passage and femdom ebook continues the story with a mix of the final training Saffi insists Clare undertake to become a true woman and an indentured courtesan to her – a “Transformation to Submission”  that is continued and taken to its logical conclusion with the momentous surgery required for Clare to finally become the woman Saffi so desires him to be.As Clare’s journey progresses, we are given an insight into the intensity of love and mutual respect that fuels the couple’s passion and co-exists with Saffi’s need to remain in total female control of the relationship itself.In all its forms.Seen through the context of Saffi’s female dominant control of Clare, My Progress To Womanhood is a hymn to a loving femdom relationship and a valuable journal of a well-heeled and international life-style.Another novel of femdom fiction from Femdom Cave.
This was my first of My Passage to Womanhood Volume Five to read and it was so good that it went by way to fast as I couldn’t seam to lay it down. I will be looking for all her other Kindle books now.
This was a great read. It was my first Mystery as recommended Choice. I’d suggest it to others too.

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