My Passage to Womanhood Volume Six

My Passage to Womanhood Volume Six By Clare Penne
Volume-Six of Clare Penne's transgender and femdom fiction saga continues.Our hero – now heroine – may be fully transitioned but the ever demanding and dominant woman that is now Saffi insists he – now she – is not properly trained to serve her in the way she requires.It’s back to Doha and the harem for some training and experiences that surpass even those of Clare’s previous visit.With the advent of Saffi into Clare’s life, what had always been a sexually unconventional lifestyle had become, in the short time he/she had known his new partner, a whole different world as Clare’s already comfortable day-to-day became one with that of Saffi and her super rich family.But it’s not their wealth alone that sets this particular family apart.Told he/she is to serve, both sexually and otherwise, Saffi, her family, and anyone else they chose to receive his/her favours, Clare’s life becomes one of devotion and oral servitude as Saffi guides him along the road to a complete and unconditional slavery. It is a slavery unlikely to be recognised by the world at large but, to Clare, is as real and binding as any of the legal varieties one could have expected to find in Ancient Egypt, Persia or Rome.What is about to happen to him/her in the harem at Doha, however, will make the events of his/her own recent past seem as nothing.A femdom ebook from Femdom Cave.
recommend it to anyone who wants to read a fast pace, edge of your seat My Passage to Womanhood Volume Six.
Just sit back and enjoy. Nothing to figure out, nothing to scare me, just laugh and enjoy. I like that quality in My Passage to Womanhood Volume Six sometimes as well and this one There really weren’t any surprises in this book, but it was an enjoyable read.

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