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Race for the Gold Lion

Race for the Gold Lion By Azure Avians
Ancient Amazons, and pirates as well! Theolonia and her crew live outside all the laws of the land.
Thanks are due to Azure Avians, for pulling me away from my comfort zone for reading, and into another world of books that I eagerly look forward to exploring.
I think everyone should read Race for the Gold Lion. It is helpful not only for work environment but for life. I strongly recommend this.

An Illustrated Warning

An Illustrated Warning By Matthew Kilpatrick
Short Story Press Presents An Illustrated Warning by Matthew Kilpatrick “An Illustrated Warning” is a carefully crafted and creepy tale designed to unsettle and chill you. You’ll be held rapt to attention as the dread sets in and things go from odd to eerie and then from eerie to utterly frightening. There is plenty of fright in this story, which is made up of several elements that work together to create a terrifying whole. • The mystery of a young man’s missing grandfather • A collection of bizarre and horrid illustrations that serves as a warning against entering a forbidden room • A slowly revealed discovery of exactly what dark secret the room holds • A seemingly inexplicable nightmare for the main characters • A suspenseful attempt to escape • The aftermath of their traumatic experience. “An Illustrated Warning” allows readers who want to give themselves chills to share the experience of the two main characters. It will draw you in and make you think twice before going into rooms in basements. If you want to get the maximum scare quotient, read it alone, at night, in a large house with a dark, musty basement. The frightening pictures found early on are only the beginning of a much more terrifying truth.
An Illustrated Warning is very well written and draws you in. I couldn’t read it fast enough wanting know what happens. I finished a week so and I’m still upset about the end.
Enjoyable and thought provoking-An Illustrated Warning will end up costing me a fortune by the time I read many of the titles discussed in it

Learning Supportive Psychotherapy An Illustrated Guide

Mastering the art of supportive psychotherapy demands years of training and experience — and Learning Supportive Psychotherapy: An Illustrated Guide paves the way. This book, along with the accompanying DVD, serves as a trustworthy guide to mastering the rudiments of supportive psychotherapy from the initial interview through the therapeutic progression to the very last session. The authors, preeminent figures in psychiatry, describe the basic principles and objectives of supportive psychotherapy, with emphasis on the critical importance of the therapeutic relationship and how to develop a positive therapeutic alliance. They have written an extremely accessible text that provides practical hands-on instruction to beginning psychotherapists, social workers, psychiatric nurses, and others who require the fundamentals of psychotherapeutic patient care.Supportive psychotherapy has been recognized as a core competency, and readers seeking the requisite skills will find an advantage in this volume’s beneficial features: ? Insightful perspective on the origins and development of supportive psychotherapy, locating it on the psychodynamic therapy spectrum, and distinguishing it from the expressive psychotherapies in terms of objectives, process, and outcomes? Expert instruction on conducting a thorough assessment and evaluation of a patient, with emphasis on techniques for conducting a comprehensive initial interview, exploring the patient’s manifesting problems, taking an accurate patient history, eliciting useful information, and identifying supportive measures — all of which are crucial to establishing a therapeutic relationship? Specialized focus on useful techniques, including alliance building, esteem building, encouragement, promoting adaptive behaviors, anticipatory guidance, reducing and preventing anxiety, naming the problem, rationalizing and reframing, expanding awareness, clarification, interpretation, and much more? Critical information on how to intervene in a crisis to facilitate the patient’s personal growth rather than physical and psychological deterioration? Significant clinical illustrations, vignettes, and case studies to help the reader make connections between theoretical concepts and real-world applications. This text follows one of the three formats now required for psychiatry residency training by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) and provides newly credentialed psychiatrists with the basic tools needed to treat the broad range of patients they encounter. Like the other books in the Core Competencies series, it is a valuable adjunct to the traditional methods of psychotherapy education and an indispensable resource for the profession.
I liked Learning Supportive Psychotherapy An Illustrated Guide and found it fascinating to learn about it. The book starts a little slowly but evolves into a fantastic journey, that along the way, communicates a sense of how irrational life must be. There are scenes and characters that will stay with you well after you’ve finished the book. Very satisfying. I recommend also reading.
Learning Supportive Psychotherapy An Illustrated Guide By Arnold Winston
I highly recommend you read Learning Supportive Psychotherapy An Illustrated Guide. It is easy to read, contains a lot of information; but follows up with great explanations.

The Freeman s Oath

The Freeman s Oath By Joseph F. Newman
Meet Jonathan Gray, 27, a struggling Boston rare book dealer. The accidental death of his parents three years ago has him casting about, trying to uphold his father’s legacy. Meanwhile, Mercedes, an alluring attorney with whom Jon has a one-night stand, threatens to become an actual real girlfriend. Which might be problematic, since Jessie, the one girl Jon has ever loved—whom he dumped with spectacular quickness after his parents’ death, but who can blame a guy stunted by grief?—has suddenly reappeared on the scene. Jon’s in trouble. He needs to grow up, fast, or lose everything. There might be a way out. When an old customer shows up with a long-lost and exceedingly puritanical document, the Oath of a Free-man, the hope of a huge sale gives Jon one chance to save the business and redeem himself.
Can’t put it down! Just when I think I understand the characters… {another} twist is added. It is very entertaining characters and style of writing.
Loved The Freeman s Oath,it was in my book club and we’ve been passing it around. I actually learned quite a bit as well. really kept me turning the pages,hard to put down.


Interregnum By Owen Tobias
A short story set in the world of the Amair Cycle. Master Allen, a former soldier and member of the Academy, determines to find out who or what has invaded his city. He travels outside the shattered city walls to at last discover the identity of the invaders. What he discovers goes against everything he believes… The events in this short story take place after Magnus: Storm Building, and part way through Magnus: Storm Breaking, although is not necessary to be familiar with the books of the Amair Cycle in order to read and enjoy this story.
I liked Interregnum and found it fascinating to learn about it. The book starts a little slowly but evolves into a fantastic journey, that along the way, communicates a sense of how irrational life must be. There are scenes and characters that will stay with you well after you’ve finished the book. Very satisfying. I recommend also reading.
one that I could not put down. I was late for a lot of appointments and stayed up late because I had to finish just one more chapter. I would highly recommend this book and can’t wait to read Mr. Quick’s next novel.