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Catching the Babysitter

Catching the Babysitter By Aya Fukunishi
When the Johnsons attend a family wedding they ask Casey, their babysitter, to sleep over at their house. It's late and Casey can't sleep, so she turns to the pursuit that all girls know can help with slumber during a private moment.  As she touches herself beneath the sheets all she can think of is the pleasure to come…… Until she realizes she's not alone.Excerpt:Imogen smiled, noticing the movement of Casey's hand, and perched on the edge of the bed. 'Of course, honey. I'll stay as long as you want me to. What would you like to talk about?''Oh, I don't mind,' replied Casey. I just like the sound of your voice.''Well thank you, honey. By the way, there's no need to hide from me. If you want to keep touching yourself I wouldn't mind at all. If you wouldn't think it too strange… well, I'd love to watch if you'd like me to.'Casey blushed again. She couldn't think what to say. She'd never so much as kissed a girl, and since the night Nicole had taught her how to touch herself she'd not been naked in front of anyone else, man or woman. She'd dreamed about it, of course, but she'd always been too shy to put herself out there. Now this woman, this beautiful, sexy woman was sitting on her bed asking to see her body.She pulled aside the blanket, sliding it over her small, smooth breasts, pulling it over her legs to expose her panties. Her middle finger was already tucked under the fabric and buried inside her, and Casey spread her legs to allow Imogen to see.'That's beautiful, Casey. Can I please take off your panties for a better look?'Casey nodded. Imogen slid her fingers beneath the waistband and gently tugged downwards. Casey lifted her pert rear from the bed to free herself, and the panties rolled down her legs and over her feet. Imogen smiled, held them to her face and took a deep breath. Her eyes were closed tight, and her right hand moved over her large, round breasts. Beneath the fine silk Casey saw her nipples harden.Imogen lowered the panties and smiled. 'Thank you, Casey. Would you mind if I kissed you?'Casey shook her head silently, closing her eyes and waiting for Imogen's lips to meet hers in the darkness. She felt Imogen shift her weight on the bed, and gasped as she felt warm breath on her dripping pussy. She shuddered with pleasure.'I thought you meant you wanted to kiss my mouth, Imogen.' She felt the older woman's tongue dart into her, and Imogen's nose rested on Casey's clit. 'I want to kiss every part of you, my sweet girl. Would you like that?'
This was a fun read. I love the characters and watching them. Aya Fukunishi was really good about making the scenario realistic. I can’t wait for the next in the series. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did.
Several people had recommended this book to me. I decided to order the book going through the book together and taking the quizzes. Catching the Babysitter is a great coversation starter and definitely worth purchasing.

The Adventures of Peanut the Sugar Glider

The Adventures of Peanut the Sugar Glider By Dr. Rose Talbot
The Adventures of Peanut, the Sugar Glider Volume 2: Holiday Celebrations and Outings This is the second book in a series about a girl named Barbara, and her very special adopted pet Peanut the sugar glider. In this volume, Peanuts adventures begin when he meets his Halloween playmate. Then Peanut celebrates Chanukah, Christmas, and New Years Eve. Peanut also visits the circus and enjoys a tea party. Peanut will explore the local volunteer fire station, celebrate his first birthday, and meets Doctor Callan when he has his first visit to the veterinarian.Author Dr. Rose Talbot enjoys writing childrens books. She takes pride in presenting the second book in her series, The Adventures of Peanut, the Sugar Glider.
I have been very critical of many The Adventures of Peanut the Sugar Glider I have read this summer. I cannot say the same about this book. It captured my interest from the start and has continued to captivate me. I am not quite done with the book, but will be soon. I do not think the ending will be a disappointment because the entire book is so good.
This was a fun read. I love the characters and watching them. Dr. Rose Talbot was really good about making the scenario realistic. I can’t wait for the next in the series. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did.

Countdown to Victory

Countdown to Victory By Barry Turner
In standard histories of the Second World War, the last six months in the western European arena invariably make a short epilogue. After the German failure in the Battle of the Bulge, Hitler’s bold counter attack across the Ardennes, the war is often assumed to have been all over bar sporadic shooting. This was far from the truth; it was certainly not how those soldiers and civilians at the front saw it. Drawing on American, British, Canadian, German, Dutch and Scandinavian sources, most of them previously unpublished, and starting with the Battle of the Bulge, COUNTDOWN TO VICTORY tells the little known story of those final months through the eyes of ordinary people who had to live the trauma.
recommend it to anyone who wants to read a fast pace, edge of your seat Countdown to Victory.
Loved Countdown to Victory,it was in my book club and we’ve been passing it around. I actually learned quite a bit as well. really kept me turning the pages,hard to put down.

The Last Shaman

Mark Vale is back in Africa for his father’s funeral. As he struggles to understand why his application of magic has caused such turmoil in his life, he is reunited with an enigmatic childhood friend. She introduces him to the fantastic world of shamanism and a deeper connection to the metaphysical forces he has yet to master. Mark learns from a wonderful array of colorful characters, from a doctor of philosophy hiding out in the swamps and a shapeshifting sorceress to the bereaved widow of a tribal scout, and through incredible experiences such as taking sacred medicine and soul retrieval rituals, he discovers the inner wisdom necessary to drive his magical life creations. Author William Whitecloud brings a dazzling range of knowledge and experience — from a childhood in Swaziland immersed in supernatural worldviews to Hermetic Philosophy and a life dedicated to intuitive mastery — to bear on this highly imaginative and illuminating look at how we can open up to being guided along the path of our highest destiny.
Immediately upon finishing, I reread the prolog and final chapter…and will read The Last Shaman again.
The Last Shaman By William Whitecloud
I loved The Last Shaman, All in all a truly engaging read that I would not hesitate to recommend.

Forever Love

Forever Love By Celeste O. Norfleet
Gia Duncan has turned her back on her family’s wealth in order to run a community organization. That’s why giving in to her desire for powerful, charismatic Keith Washington is a mistake she can make only once. Keith is the mayor’s campaign manager and son, a workaholic whose only goal is to get his father reelected. Gia knows he’s an opponent she can’t trust with her agenda, let alone her heart.At first, seducing Gia is just a way to keep her from derailing his father’s reelection campaign. Until Keith starts to realize what everyone-especially matchmaker Mamma Lou-already knows. Nothing compares to the passion that keeps drawing him to Gia. But can he convince her that the only thing he truly wants from her is the promise of forever?
No wonder Forever Love won the couldn’t put it down. Each character comes to life in an extraordinary tale.
Although I would not rate Forever Love as one of my favorite’s it was very well written…interesting.

Keyspeech 9 Keys to Inner Power

For more information please go to http://www.hynonow.comCan changing the simple words you speak daily change your life? Become a THOUGHT BILLIONAIRE as world-renowned author Yvonne Oswald teaches you how you can make fundamental changes in the way you speak and think to shape your reality now with her amazing new book: KEYSPEECH – 9 KEYS TO INNER POWER. This book offers solutions to questions you didn’t even know you needed to ask! You’ll be amazed to know that decisions you make are not based on logic but on deeper wants and needs. Your perspective is unique. You are the only person alive who will experience your life the way you live it. How would you like to learn how to live it happily and productively, with a sense of freedom and support from your inner voice?Learn to build your future word by word, thought by thought as Yvonne takes you on a step-by-step journey through the first of 9 Keys to Inner power, leading you to Awareness, Choice and Change, Self-love, Forgiveness, Communication, Relationships, Spiritual Connection, Purpose and Power and show you how your one voice can Change the World. Manifest change in your life now. Connect with co-workers and in personal relationships by recognizing the various ways people communicate. Find out how you can portray confidence with simple body language. Learn to make someone like you in less than 90 seconds!Yvonne takes already proven NLP (neuro linguistic programming) techniques to new heights in her life-transforming book. Begin to speak in the NOW, stop using BUT, get ready to love, win, transform, achieve, create. Develop powerful communication tools that work harmoniously with your soul to bring about permanent change now.
A terrific read! It keeps you guessing throughout Keyspeech 9 Keys to Inner Power up until the dramatic twist at the end! A must read
Keyspeech 9 Keys to Inner Power By Yvonne Oswald
is a very thoughtfully written Keyspeech 9 Keys to Inner Power and it is very interesting to read the relationships, and the accomplishments.

The Cultural Industries

The Cultural Industries By Prof David Hesmondhalgh
‘The first edition of The Cultural Industries moved us irrevocably past the tired debates between political economy and cultural studies approaches. This second edition takes on new and vital targets, for example claims that the Internet is replacing television in everyday media consumption…. In the process, Hesmondhalgh provides us with an essential toolkit for making critical sense of the digital media age, and our places within it’ – Nick Couldry, Goldsmiths College, University Of London ‘This book sets a valuable standard for communication studies. Hesmondhalgh integrates cultural research with political economy, organizational sociology with public communication policy studies, global with comparative analysis, and intellectual property law with technology changes. I’ve successfully taught graduate and undergraduate courses in the USA and France using the first edition, and this one is better still’ – John D.H. Downing, Global Media Research Centre, Southern Illinois University Praise for the first edition: ‘This lucid, careful and sophisticated book orders the entire field, for the US as well as Europe, and at one stroke becomes the state of the art, the standard’ – Todd Gitlin, Columbia University, USA This book is a powerful antidote to journalistic hype about change in the cultural industries. Significantly expanding, updating and revising an acclaimed first edition published in 2002, it · analyses how, why and in what ways cultural production has changed since the 1980s · guides the reader through existing approaches · scrutinises facts and debates about the role of culture and creativity in modern societies · provides new material on copyright, cultural policy, celebrity power, the digital distribution of music and many other issues Like its predecessor, this exciting new edition of The Cultural Industries places transformation in the cultural industries in long-term political, economic and cultural context. In doing so, Hesmondhalgh offers a distinctive critical approach to cultural production, drawing on political economy perspectives, but also on cultural studies, sociology and social theory.
The Cultural Industries was no exception. couldn’t put it down and read it in less than a day an amazing job of telling this story in a realistic way, all while bringing out for another fantastic creation. I’m very much looking forward to the next installment in the series!
The Cultural Industries a good read. It is really different. It causes you to think about the concepts presented. I enjoyed the book.