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Qualitative Methods for Health Research

Qualitative Methods for Health Research By unknown
‘The new edition of Green and Thorogood’s Qualitative Methods for Health Research presents a great choice for professors teaching courses across the health care spectrum due to its authors’ ability to give students a diverse buffet designed to whet appetites and increase hunger for more qualitative research nourishment’ – The Weekly Qualitative Report Suitable for researchers and students in the fields of public health, health services research, nursing and health promotion, Qualitative Methods for Health Research provides a thorough and practical introduction to designing, conducting and appraising qualitative research. Qualitative Methods for Health Research is full of easy-to-follow guidance on how to apply core research skills to health research. Drawing on over twenty years experience of teaching methodology, Green and Thorogood cover the essentials of the theory and principles of applied research in an accessible way. Using examples from a range of settings, this book introduces readers to the key debates in qualitative methodology; issues in designing ethical, feasible and rigorous projects; the main ways of collecting and analysing qualitative data and ways of appraising and writing qualitative research. This new, Second Edition covers developments in systematic reviews of qualitative research and analysis, and includes a chapter focusing on practical issues of qualitative work within applied health research programmes. Key features include: – Case studies – Chapter summaries and key points – Glossary Qualitative Methods for Health Research is an invaluable introduction for both health professionals and students with little prior knowledge of social theory. Judith Green is a Reader in Sociology of Health at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Nicki Thorogood is a Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
Great story. Having been involved from a different vantage point I find experiences unique and inspiring.
Qualitative Methods for Health Research is very well written and draws you in. I couldn’t read it fast enough wanting know what happens. I finished a week so and I’m still upset about the end.

Tallulah and the Tentacles Sci Fi Erotica Stories

Tallulah and the Tentacles Sci Fi Erotica Stories By Neneh Gordon
Poor Tallulah. She finally got away from her sadistic master, but now she's trapped in a spaceship escape pod with a hunky orange alien and his four tentacles. He has a very good reason to want sex, but will she believe him?Contains a former sex-slave's first orgasm, double-tentacle-penetration and ejaculating suckers.This short story is roughly 5,000 words long and is not intended for readers under the age of eighteen.EXCERPTHer hand moved higher, tracing the line of his muscles. He was so big and firm.Why do you want to kiss me?“So I can work out what to do.” She reached up for his face and stroked her hand around to the back of his neck. Pulling him down towards her face, she pursed her lips and drew him in.His tentacles lashed through the air and fastened themselves around her. He lifted her off her feet and her eyes closed by some instinct she didn’t understand. The lips that swept down on Tallulah’s were soft and warm. She breathed in his acrid scent and melted into his limbs.Fin was gentle with her, but she could feel an edge of desperation in the way that his lips moved over hers. It made her remember why they’d started this. She could save him. It wouldn’t be like those other times – this would be her choice.She opened her mouth to taste him and he loosened his hold on her. Slipping her other arm out of his coils of muscle, she reached up to stroke his face and he shuddered. For the first time in her life, she was in a man’s arms and she didn’t want to run away. Her heart beat faster and she kissed him harder. His tentacles undulated around her, the suckers pulling gently at her clothes.“Make love to me, Fin.” She’d spent so long wondering what it would be like to be willingly intimate with a man.The nimble tips of his tentacles slid around the zip at the front of her jumpsuit and pulled it down. Then all four of his extra limbs tugged at her clothes until they slid down her torso. She was naked underneath. As he dragged her outfit down over her legs, she felt a strange moisture between her legs. It throbbed there the way it sometimes did after a good dream. Was this arousal?
I read Tallulah and the Tentacles Sci Fi Erotica Stories and immediately ordered in for myself. It was so good, I ended up giving it away to a special friend for her birthday. She loved it!!! We are all happy!
I really loved Tallulah and the Tentacles Sci Fi Erotica Stories. I would reccomend it to all of my friends. The entire time I was hooked on the characters and wanted to know what was coming next.

Entropy Down

Entropy Down By H.H. Jensen
A signal originating in the outer solar system arrives at an S.E.T.I. site. No spacecraft from Earth appears to be transmitting the signal. Is it a hoax, or is it a true extraterrestrial contact? These questions and attempts to answer them arouse the worlds attention. With the media and Congress clamoring for answers, a NASA operations manager forms a team of investigators to discover its true nature, while some in the government, convinced its a hoax, seek to find those responsible. Meanwhile, the signal continues on and gains in complexity, confounding everyone in the media and everyone investigating.
I highly recommend you read Entropy Down. It is easy to read, contains a lot of information; but follows up with great explanations.
If you have read other books by H.H. Jensen you don’t need reviews to tell you why you will love this book


Analecta By Jim Whiting
If you’re looking for a trite phrase to describe the essence of this book, try “A trip down memory lane.” It might be as apt as any. And Jim Whiting’s Analecta fits that mold. His bittersweet telling of a  childhood filled with sometimes warm and fuzzy anecdotes may trigger fond memories of your own younger days. The more unpleasant aspects of growing up are also visited here and these tales will have you grateful that your experiences–perhaps similar–are in the past . . . only to be remembered, sometimes painfully.Analecta begins at a critical point in the author’s life. He is on the final lap of a solo car journey from upstate New York to Southern California. Six days ago he had left a life that had become routine, comfortable, and very much a part of himself– in retrospect, perhaps too much so. He would, in a matter of hours be reunited with his wife, who had taken a job a month prior, in Solana Beach. In New York State they had left behind four of five of their grown children and five grandchildren. He also left behind almost twenty-nine years in broadcasting and an overlapping career in cartooning-that’s his resume. Flashbacks to his preteen years reveal a kid who shows very early entrepreneurial leanings. He has a tendency to want to “belong” but he has difficulty being at ease in belonging. Whiting touches on the uneasy relationship with his older brother (is that so different from many siblings have?) There are interludes about a twelve-year-old kid getting lost in on his first visit to New York City; a high school girl friend; Navy boot camp; magic in New Orleans; personalities in Radio; poems (some very good– some not so– but fun); observations made in classrooms, business offices, and on the tennis court. Don’t look for gossip, accusations, or grievances; none of them are in this book. It’s definitely not a downer.Returning to Mell Lazarus’s Introduction for a final note: “It’s a great book! If you’re like me, you’ll love it. If you’re not like me, you’ll love it.”
I loved Analecta, All in all a truly engaging read that I would not hesitate to recommend.
Analecta was well written and I continued to read even though I really didn’t want to read it.

Beneath the Major s Scars

Beneath the Major s Scars By Sarah Mallory
After being shamelessly seduced by a married man, Zelah Pentewan finds her reputation is in tatters. Determined to rise above the gossipmongers, Zelah knows she can rely on no one but herself.But her independence takes a knock when a terrifying stranger must come to her aid. Major Dominic Coale’s formidable manner is notorious, but Zelah shows no signs of fear. She doesn’t cower at his touch as she begins to get a glimpse of the man behind the scars….
hese are stories I would recommend for anyone who loves to read. They are absorbing, joyful.
I am enjoying Beneath the Major s Scars. I like the back and forth progression of the story.

Prophetic Letters A Framework for the Coming Biblical Journey

Prophetic Letters A Framework for the Coming Biblical Journey By Will Dyuran
Prophetic Letters is not your ordinary book on prophecy: written to the Christian to challenge and refine their understanding of the Biblical end times, and to the non-Christian to challenge their refusal to turn to God. Both of these challenges based on a newly addressed logic—not new to God—found in the Holy Scriptures. Continuing with support for Pre-Wrath, this is not a simple repeat of that already presented by Marvin Rosenthal and Robert Van Kampen. Expanding on their groundwork and smoothing some corners, Prophetic Letters investigates deeper possibilities as they apply to the Book of Daniel. To say the ideas presented are new is an understatement, and I believe you will be convinced in the detail and logic used to prove the arguments. Prophetic Letters begins with the journey of the author as he searched for an appropriate, and believable, understanding of the Biblical end times. After decades of frustration of the fault exhibited in Pre-Tribulation, he began a study to resolve this personal dilemma. With over nine years of thought and study, this book is that result. Dyuran provides a list of guidelines he used for this prophetic study, some which are obvious, and some that will absolutely change how you will ever study Bible prophecy again. Using these guidelines, he then investigates each chapter of Daniel with a new look at the shabua (termed “weeks” in the King James Version of Daniel) and reveals some astounding results. His investigation of shabua units, some that are different than the standard 7 years per “week,” amazingly ties to the exact number of days for prophetic Biblical events. For reasons unknown, time is not accounted for many of these events in the generally accepted interpretation. Within these findings include the dates for the birth and baptism of Christ, the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D., and the 7th Beast Empire, to name a few. Two primary timelines emerge that support each other meeting at the cross, and account for the days and prophetic events in Daniel. Prophetic Letters accepts the challenge of the scriptures in Daniel 9:25 “Know therefore and understand…”
Prophetic Letters A Framework for the Coming Biblical Journey a good read. It is really different. It causes you to think about the concepts presented. I enjoyed the book.
Prophetic Letters A Framework for the Coming Biblical Journey is so well written that it brought me into the hearts and minds of these people.