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The Chroma

The Chroma By Jake Farrow
John Clifton “dreams” of a tree with a crimson shadow, which identifies itself as Chroma. After offering him a grave warning, the Chroma proposes to intervene, if John immerses himself in its bloodshadow. But John awakens before deciding, without memory of the approaching Chroma or its impending revelation.
This is one of Jake Farrow stronger books. It is heavy and intense with no lightness of spirit at all. I highly recommend it.
If you feel that you are not communicating well with your significant other I highly recommend The Chroma. It is an easy read and is very addictive.

Breaking Free from Fear

Breaking Free from Fear By Kay Arthur
Break free from Fear Life is filled with all sorts of fears that can assault your mind, trouble your soul, and bring untold stress. But you don’t have to remain captive to your fears. In this six-week study you will learn how to confront your circumstances with strength and courage as you live in the fear of the Lord—the fear that conquers every other fear and sets you free to live in faith.40 minutes a week could change your life! The 40-Minute Bible Studies series from the teaching team at Precepts Ministries International tackles the topics that matter to you. These inductive study guides, designed to be completed in just six 40-minutes lessons with no homework required, help you discover for yourself what God says and how it applies to your life today. With the leader’s note and Bible passages included right in the book, each self-contained study is a powerful resource for personal growth and small-group discussion.
Breaking Free from Fear is so well written that it brought me into the hearts and minds of these people.
Loved Breaking Free from Fear,it was in my book club and we’ve been passing it around. I actually learned quite a bit as well. really kept me turning the pages,hard to put down.

Acharit Hayamim Doomsday

Acharit Hayamim Doomsday By Erica Karas
One night in March 2012, the Ruach HaKodesh (the Holy Spirit) aroused me from sleep and told me to write a book about acharit-hayamim, which means end-times in Hebrew. I am a Messianic Jew. The Ruach HaKodesh has been leading me to scriptures about the acharit-hayamim for many months prior to giving me this message. As always, I did not question the Ruach HaKodesh. I must be obedient to the Holy One of Israel! Miraculously, I completed this book in three weeks with the guidance of the Ruach HaKodesh. The Ruach HaKodesh was with me the entire time. I give all praise and glory to the Holy One of Israel, who is the only true living G-d. Without the Holy One of Israel I can do nothing. I am just a worm of a vessel who will return to the dust of the ground. Hallelu-YAH!
Intriguing story. A Acharit Hayamim Doomsday I found hard to put down. The ending was disappointing as I was expecting some climax or epiphany that never happened.
Acharit Hayamim Doomsday is very well written and draws you in. I couldn’t read it fast enough wanting know what happens. I finished a week so and I’m still upset about the end.

The Culture of Building

The Culture of Building By Howard Davis
The Culture of Building describes how the built world, including the vast number of buildings that are the settings for people’s everyday lives, is the product of building cultures–complex systems of people, relationships, building types, techniques, and habits in which design and building are anchored. These cultures include builders, bankers, architects, developers, clients, contractors, craftspeople, building inspectors, planners, and many others. The product of these cultures, which operate building after building, is the built world of cities and settlements. In this book, Howard Davis uses historical, contemporary, and cross-cultural examples to describe the nature and influence of these cultures. He shows how building cultures reflect the general cultures in which they exist, how they have changed over history, how they affect the form of buildings and cities, and how present building cultures, which are responsible for the contemporary everyday environments, may be improved. Following the development of the idea of building cultures using several historical examples, the book lays out a framework that puts such topics as craft and professionalism, the vernacular and nonvernacular, and design and construction in common frameworks. Although the book ranges widely over different cultures and historical periods, it emphasizes the transformations that took place in architecture and building practice from the late eighteenth century to the present. Finally, the book uses a series of contemporary examples that demonstrate the building culture as a living concept. These examples, which include built work as well as innovative processes that go beyond the work of architects alone, are described as the seeds that can help the emergence of a better build world. This beautiful book features over 260 color and black-and-white illustrations, most from the author’s extensive collection of slides, and includes photographs, prints, and drawings from historical archives and contemporary architectural offices.
happiness, apprehension and love. Enjoy, you won’t be able to put it down.
I think everyone should read The Culture of Building. It is helpful not only for work environment but for life. I strongly recommend this.

Healers on the Mountain and Other Myths of Native American

A unique characteristic of Native American medicine is the belief that each patient holds a different spirit, and that the healing can only work when it affects the individual spirit. Mythology is essential to this healing process. The belief stories within these pages reflect a culture that holds both poignant and alarming lessons. Readers of this book will discover the intriguing past and knowledge of Native American history and beliefs which are more enlightening than they may have previously realized. TERESA PIJOAN was raised as a young child on San Juan Pueblo Reservation in New Mexico by her Barcelona born father and her New York born mother. When Teresa was twelve years old, her family moved to Nambe Indian Reservation. She also spent several summers with her adopted aunt at Hopi. As a University of New Mexico at Valencia history professor, Teresa Pijoan, PhD, is an internationally acclaimed author, storyteller, and lecturer. She has won many awards for her teaching and her publications. Her other books from Sunstone Press are “American Indian Creation Myths,” “Pueblo Indian Wisdom,” “Ways of Indian Magic,” and “Dead Kachina Man.”
I have not read much of Teresa Pijoan PhD before, so I cannot contrast this book with those that came before it. I will say this it is unlikely to recede from my mind anytime soon.
Healers on the Mountain and Other Myths of Native American By Teresa Pijoan PhD
I read these stories first and was delighted to read them. Teresa Pijoan PhD is writer Excellent.

Dancing in the Fountain How to Enjoy Living Abroad

Dancing in the Fountain How to Enjoy Living Abroad By Karen McCann
Living abroad is an opportunity to reinvent yourself that rarely exists outside the witness protection program. You get to hit the reset button on your life. Karen McCann’s tale of moving from Cleveland, Ohio, to Seville, Spain, is “a delightfully well-written true-life adventure story . . . McCann’s writing is inviting, immediately charming, and constantly entertaining,” says Chris Brady (A Month of Italy). Dancing in the Fountain takes its title from one blazing hot night when the author and her husband found themselves sitting on the edge of a big stone fountain. Dabbling their feet in the cool water, pretty soon they were wading, then dancing in the fountain. It’s technically legal to do this on hot nights in Seville, but an old man passing by growled, “Hey you two, is that any way to behave? You wouldn’t do that back where you come from.” And that’s the whole point. Living overseas, you get to try things you’d never do back home. “Dancing in the Fountain is perhaps the best book about travel that I have ever read,” writes Guy Thatcher, author of Journey of Days. “It is full of wry humor and it is laugh-out-loud funny.” Rita Golden Gelman, author of Tales of a Female Nomad, says, “What fun. . . McCann’s wacky sense of humor will have you smiling on every page. Just reading this will give you the confidence of an experienced traveler.” “Creating a new life in an old European city has never been so delightful, heartwarming and laugh-out-loud funny,” says Victoria Twead, author of Chickens, Mules and Two Old Fools.
I choose this rating because I really liked Dancing in the Fountain How to Enjoy Living Abroad. That is the mark of a great book in my opinion.
Now I’m gonna have to go back and read his previous works, and I can’t wait!

Double Jeopardy

Double Jeopardy By Franklin W. Dixon
THE RACE IS ON—BUT DANGER IS TAKING THE LEAD Frank and Joe Hardy can’t believe their good luck: The Bayport Herald has given them press passes to cover the Formula One championship in Indianapolis. They soon realize, though, that the competition between the top two racers has gone into overdrive. After one of the racers lands in the hospital and the other’s garage is burned, Frank and Joe step in to help find the culprit. The race is on to solve the mystery, but soon the brothers find themselves under attack too. Will Frank and Joe be left in the dust by a criminal mastermind? Or will they manage to crack the case before there’s more trouble on the tracks?
I first read about this book in an article saying it was named a Prize winner for 2012 A wonderful book, a new classic, you won’t regret reading Double Jeopardy.
Don’t know how I found this Franklin W. Dixon and series, but really have liked his writing and the story he tells. and am looking forward to more stories. And,unlike a lot of books I’ve been reading lately, the grammar and spelling are correct and the story flows smoothly.