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Black Start

Black Start By Anny Ariz
Is it our darkness or light that scares us most? The acceptance that things dont always turn out the way we imagine they would can make all the difference between giving permission to experience something better or living stagnant. Anyone who has experienced a blackout can relate to the initial lost feeling of being stripped of the things we tell ourselves we couldnt live without. When we are placed into that position, we realize the actual aspects that matter most to us. The stories are sincere accounts of fears and hopes that unfold in the wake of a power outage. Learn how good it feels to be honest, judge less, and appreciate more.
I loved Black Start, All in all a truly engaging read that I would not hesitate to recommend.
Black Start is very well, and whether you are new to the series or not I believe you would enjoy this book.

An Imaginary Life

An Imaginary Life By David Malouf
In the first century AD, Publius Ovidius Naso, the most urbane and irreverant poet of imperial Rome, was banished to a remote village on the edge of the Black Sea. From these sparse facts, one of our most distinguished novelists has fashioned an audacious and supremely moving work of fiction. Marooned on the edge of the known world, exiled from his native tongue, Ovid depends on the kindness of barbarians who impate their dead and converse with the spirit world. But then he becomes the guardian of a still more savage creature, a feral child who has grown up among deer. What ensues is a luminous encounter between civilization and nature, as enacted by a poet who once catalogued the treacheries of love and a boy who slowly learns how to give it.
If you have read other books by David Malouf you don’t need reviews to tell you why you will love this book
hese are stories I would recommend for anyone who loves to read. They are absorbing, joyful.

Geography History and Concepts

Geography History and Concepts By Arild Holt-Jensen
Now in a fourth edition, this standard student reference has been totally revised and updated. It remains the definitive introduction to the history, philosophy, and methodology of human geography; now including a detailed explanation of key ideas in human geography’s post-modernist and post-structuralist ‘turns’. The book is organized into six sections: • What is Geography?: an introduction to the discipline, and a discussion of its organization and basic research approaches, informed by the question ‘what difference does it make to think geographically?’ • Foundations of Geography: an examination of geography from Antiquity to the 1950s, with a special focus on human?environment relations • Geography 1950-1980: a critical review of the development of geography as a spatial science • Paradigms and Revolutions: an analysis of paradigm shifts in geography, that introduces students to key debates in the philosophy of science • Positivism and its Critics: a detailed discussion of positivism, critical theory, humanistic geography, behavioural geography, and structuralism • New Trends and Ideas developing critical responses: structuration theory, realism, post-structuralism, post-modernism, feminism and actor-network theory. It also explores new research tools, such as satellite photos and GIS, and discusses future prospects for geographic research. This text explores complex ideas in an intelligible and accessible style. Illustrated throughout with research examples and explanations in text boxes, questions for discussion at the end of each chapter and a concept glossary, this is the essential student companion to the discipline which will continue to be the A-Z resource for undergraduate students.
I’m guessing there will be a sequel. I liked Geography History and Concepts and would like to read what happens.
I purchased Geography History and Concepts for an assignment in one of my courses. I love this book! It ended up being so much better than.

Faith Poems V2

Faith Poems V2 By Robert Gil Palmer
Faith Poems V2 explores spiritual and emotional insights,gained on my journey towards heaven. While some insights are very personal, others have a more common appeal … It is my hope that the reader will be stimulated to think more deeply about their life, and relationship with God. Blessings … rgp
I absolutely love Faith Poems V2. All of this book, I have read this book twice, and have recommended it to all of my friends and family. Such an amazing book, please read it!!
This was a great read. It was my first Mystery as recommended Choice. I’d suggest it to others too.

Social Networks and Organizations

Social Networks and Organizations By Martin Kilduff
`The authors should be congratulated for not only offering an excellent tour de force of cutting-edge work in social network analysis, but also charting some new possible territories for future organizational research’ – Environment and Planning Social Networks and Organizations provides a compact introduction to major concepts in the area of organizational social networks. The book covers the rudiments of methods, explores major debates, and directs attention to theoretical directions, including a vigorous critique of some taken-for-granted assumptions. The book is aimed at all of those who seek a lucid and lively treatment of social network approaches to organizational research, with a particular emphasis on the neglected area of interpersonal networks in organizations. In this book, Martin Kilduff and Wenpin Tsai offer new insights to those already familiar with network analysis, and motivate those interested in pursuing network research to embark on journeys of discovery. `This book is extremely timely. It provides a wonderful synthesis of the recently burgeoning literature in the area of organizations and social networks. It should be relevant at once for both the experienced network scholar as well as those entering this growing area’ – Ranjay Gulati, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University `Martin Kilduff and Wenpin Tsai have done a marvellous job of not only reviewing and integrating the diverse streams of literatures on social networks, but also of showing the enormous potential of this research approach that still lies untapped. Overall, this book will prove to be an invaluable resource for interested graduate students as well as for established scholars in the field’ – Sumantra Ghoshal, Professor of Strategic and International Management, London Business School `Research on social networks is already one of the most vibrant areas of organizational inquiry. How can it possibly become any more so? This book by Kilduff and Tsai opens up many new avenues for network research and theory-building. Whether you’re newly-interested in social networks or a veteran of the topic, you will benefit from Kilduff and Tsai’s marvellous contribution’ – Donald C Hambrick, Smeal College of Business Administration, The Pennsylvania State University
Social Networks and Organizations makes you think about having a person that cares for you can make all the difference in your life.
Now I’m gonna have to go back and read his previous works, and I can’t wait!