Catching the Babysitter

Catching the Babysitter By Aya Fukunishi
When the Johnsons attend a family wedding they ask Casey, their babysitter, to sleep over at their house. It's late and Casey can't sleep, so she turns to the pursuit that all girls know can help with slumber during a private moment.  As she touches herself beneath the sheets all she can think of is the pleasure to come…… Until she realizes she's not alone.Excerpt:Imogen smiled, noticing the movement of Casey's hand, and perched on the edge of the bed. 'Of course, honey. I'll stay as long as you want me to. What would you like to talk about?''Oh, I don't mind,' replied Casey. I just like the sound of your voice.''Well thank you, honey. By the way, there's no need to hide from me. If you want to keep touching yourself I wouldn't mind at all. If you wouldn't think it too strange… well, I'd love to watch if you'd like me to.'Casey blushed again. She couldn't think what to say. She'd never so much as kissed a girl, and since the night Nicole had taught her how to touch herself she'd not been naked in front of anyone else, man or woman. She'd dreamed about it, of course, but she'd always been too shy to put herself out there. Now this woman, this beautiful, sexy woman was sitting on her bed asking to see her body.She pulled aside the blanket, sliding it over her small, smooth breasts, pulling it over her legs to expose her panties. Her middle finger was already tucked under the fabric and buried inside her, and Casey spread her legs to allow Imogen to see.'That's beautiful, Casey. Can I please take off your panties for a better look?'Casey nodded. Imogen slid her fingers beneath the waistband and gently tugged downwards. Casey lifted her pert rear from the bed to free herself, and the panties rolled down her legs and over her feet. Imogen smiled, held them to her face and took a deep breath. Her eyes were closed tight, and her right hand moved over her large, round breasts. Beneath the fine silk Casey saw her nipples harden.Imogen lowered the panties and smiled. 'Thank you, Casey. Would you mind if I kissed you?'Casey shook her head silently, closing her eyes and waiting for Imogen's lips to meet hers in the darkness. She felt Imogen shift her weight on the bed, and gasped as she felt warm breath on her dripping pussy. She shuddered with pleasure.'I thought you meant you wanted to kiss my mouth, Imogen.' She felt the older woman's tongue dart into her, and Imogen's nose rested on Casey's clit. 'I want to kiss every part of you, my sweet girl. Would you like that?'
This was a fun read. I love the characters and watching them. Aya Fukunishi was really good about making the scenario realistic. I can’t wait for the next in the series. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did.
Several people had recommended this book to me. I decided to order the book going through the book together and taking the quizzes. Catching the Babysitter is a great coversation starter and definitely worth purchasing.