Georgia On My Mind and Other Places

A collection of some of the finest short stories penned by a master of hard science fiction, this anthology includes Charles Sheffield’s highly acclaimed novelette, Georgia On My Mind, which won both the Hugo and Nebula when originally published in 1993. The accompanying stories were written by the author between 1987 and 1994. Table of Contents: The Feynman Saltation The Bee’s Kiss Millennium Fifteen-Love on the Dead Man’s Chest Deep Safari Beyond the Golden Road Health Care System Humanity Test That Strain Again … Destroyer of Worlds The Fifteenth Station of the Cross Trapalanda Obsolete Skill Georgia On My Mind
recommend it to anyone who wants to read a fast pace, edge of your seat Georgia On My Mind and Other Places.
Georgia On My Mind and Other Places By Charles Sheffield
I will probably read Charles Sheffield book by the same auther. I really enjoyed reading the book.