Traveler X For Many are Called But Few are Chosen

X is a man without fear with an anonymous past who sets out in search of his true identity and life’s purpose. The name given him in childhood seemed meaningless, so he calls himself simply “X.” He has neither college degree nor is he a maven of religion, but his travels lead him to the knowledge of an ancient spiritual legend that will unlock universal truths only to those who are chosen. Although the United States is known for its liberty, patriotism and iconic landmarks, it is beset by crime, racism, environmental issues, war, and disease, better known as CREWD. X’s revelations lead him from the West to the small town of Utopia, New York, where he crosses paths with five youths who are also in search of answers to their own puzzling discoveries. The youths, aka “the crew,” consists of a Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian, Native and African American who spend most of their time together at school and at the clubhouse trying to decipher the mystery of the LITE. In their search, each will be faced with the archenemy, CREWD. They will come face to face with life altering challenges that will lead them into a roller coaster ride of mysterious clues, secrets and supernatural events. However, collectively with X, they will be bonded by a divine code that bears the anointed words: a time to love, and a time to hate; a time for war, and a time for PEACE. (Ecclesiastes 3:8) God’s word is a serious weapon against the kingdom of Darkness! His Light shall shine.
Can’t put it down! Just when I think I understand the characters… {another} twist is added. It is very entertaining characters and style of writing.
Traveler X For Many are Called But Few are Chosen By Dr. Raphael A. Mizzell
Traveler X For Many are Called But Few are Chosen is worthy of reading lifelong, this is the right book. I also found it helpful.