The Spy That Never Lies

BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING—BUT SOMETIMES CAMERAS DON’T TELL THE WHOLE TRUTH!College student Jake Martins is in trouble, and the Hardys volunteer to help out. Securitech, the firm where Jake works, is wiring the city to catch wrongdoers. But to pass one of his courses, Jake may have to reveal some secret information, and now he’s in a bind.When security cameras keep going off-line and more criminal activity gets city officials up in arms, Jake is the main suspect. Someone’s cracking the codes in the system—and it’s up to the Hardys to get the criminals in focus!
The Spy That Never Lies started out very good but dragged on forever. The ending left me little disappointed. I think a good book.
The Spy That Never Lies By Franklin W. Dixon
I loved The Spy That Never Lies, All in all a truly engaging read that I would not hesitate to recommend.

Double Jeopardy

Double Jeopardy By Franklin W. Dixon
THE RACE IS ON—BUT DANGER IS TAKING THE LEAD Frank and Joe Hardy can’t believe their good luck: The Bayport Herald has given them press passes to cover the Formula One championship in Indianapolis. They soon realize, though, that the competition between the top two racers has gone into overdrive. After one of the racers lands in the hospital and the other’s garage is burned, Frank and Joe step in to help find the culprit. The race is on to solve the mystery, but soon the brothers find themselves under attack too. Will Frank and Joe be left in the dust by a criminal mastermind? Or will they manage to crack the case before there’s more trouble on the tracks?
I first read about this book in an article saying it was named a Prize winner for 2012 A wonderful book, a new classic, you won’t regret reading Double Jeopardy.
Don’t know how I found this Franklin W. Dixon and series, but really have liked his writing and the story he tells. and am looking forward to more stories. And,unlike a lot of books I’ve been reading lately, the grammar and spelling are correct and the story flows smoothly.