Entropy Down

Entropy Down By H.H. Jensen
A signal originating in the outer solar system arrives at an S.E.T.I. site. No spacecraft from Earth appears to be transmitting the signal. Is it a hoax, or is it a true extraterrestrial contact? These questions and attempts to answer them arouse the worlds attention. With the media and Congress clamoring for answers, a NASA operations manager forms a team of investigators to discover its true nature, while some in the government, convinced its a hoax, seek to find those responsible. Meanwhile, the signal continues on and gains in complexity, confounding everyone in the media and everyone investigating.
I highly recommend you read Entropy Down. It is easy to read, contains a lot of information; but follows up with great explanations.
If you have read other books by H.H. Jensen you don’t need reviews to tell you why you will love this book