Sugar Gets Spanked

Sugar Gets Spanked By Honey Lane
READ AN EXCERPT: Getting to her dressing room, Lori sat at her dressing table and removed her wig, her session still fresh in her head. She couldn’t understand why Tyler had such an effect on her. She had been pole dancing for quite some time and she had seen wealthy handsome clients, but none had ever sparked such an arousal in her. Her job entailed only to entertain and arouse the clients, anything more would be out of the dancer’s own will and account. Since she’d broken up with Kurt, she’d never bothered getting herself bogged down in relationships, and although Kurt was good in bed, she never really enjoyed it much. Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted by Layla. “So how was it?” she asked. “It was okay, my friend. My client loved me so much he asked me out on a date!” “Like, that’s a first, Did you say yes? Is he cute?” Layla prodded with unabashed interest. “Well, he is very, very handsome and no, I said no, I told him I’d get his number the next time I danced for him.” “Are you crazy Lori, you didn’t even get his number? For heavens sake the guy only wanted to take you on a date. Knowing you, it’s not like you’re going to fuck him the first night. Even though if it were up to me I think you should get a man to fuck you from time to time. It’s been quite a while since you got laid girl. C’mon, live a little!” Layla said as she bumped her hips on Lori’s side. “You are crazy Layla. You mean to tell me that you think I’m stuck up because I haven’t gotten laid?” “That’s exactly what I’m saying, Lori, and with the work we do I always wonder how come you haven’t fucked someone yet. Just choose one client and enjoy yourself, and I know I’m crazy but you love me,” she teased. They got changed and drove to their apartment at around three in the morning. Lori tossed and turned in her bed as flashes of Tyler’s face haunted her thoughts, his green eyes so gorgeous and sexy. The feel of his dick between her legs made her wet and she touched herself.
No wonder Sugar Gets Spanked won the couldn’t put it down. Each character comes to life in an extraordinary tale.
I highly recommend Sugar Gets Spanked. All in a good book not regretting having read it.