The first civil government in Florissant was established in 1786, three years before the United States adopted its constitution and George Washington was elected the country’s first president. French farmers and fur trappers looked upon the land and called it the “Valle Fleurissant”-which is to say, “the flowering or fertile valley.” The community remained small until after World War II. Between 1950 and 1980, the population grew from 3,737 to 76,754. Today the community strives to preserve its proud heritage and build on the strength of its diverse population. The historic images in this book illustrate the city’s founding and development, from the first French settlers to the post World War II building boom to the exciting new city of today.
I highly recommend you read Florissant. It is easy to read, contains a lot of information; but follows up with great explanations.
Florissant By John A. Wright Sr.
Florissant was very good. I didn’t want to put this book down when I read it. The ending really left me hanging though. I wish I could know what happens.