Bound in Stone Volume Three

Bound in Stone Volume Three By K.M. Frontain
Kehfrey, infamous Pek assassin and plaything of the Shadow Master, hides his traumatic past as Herfod, the Turamen monk touted to be a living saint. He’s become the confessor and close friend of the Ulmeniran monarch, but will this save him when Tehlm Sevet decides the time is at last right to invade the southern realms and take his reluctant lover back by force? Perhaps not. Herfod’s beloved Nicky has re-entered his life, but as the King’s mistress. And despite a friendship that has lasted eight years, Ugoth has grown suspicious of his confessor’s continued attempts to occlude the truth about his childhood in Winfel. Can Herfod continue to be loyal to his king when Nicky stands between them and while Tehlm Sevet owns his soul? (Third Edition. Content warning: Adult fiction. Horror elements. This novel is the third book in The Soulstone Chronicles. This series contains male-male romance and other glbtq content.)
I enjoyed because the story line kept surprising me. I couldn’t put Bound in Stone Volume Three down as I wanted to see what occur next.
If you have read other books by K.M. Frontain you don’t need reviews to tell you why you will love this book