Billy Wolfe s Riding Spirit

Billy Wolfe s Riding Spirit By Kevin A. Lyons
Under the full moon a motorcycle races west along the Interstate. The police can’t catch it, and it disappears before it reaches the toll bridge. Narrated by the guy who drives the road-killed deer pick-up truck for Fish and Game. Why can’t they find Billy? And what’s in that tar paper shack down the abandoned railroad path? Originally published in 1979, in Easyriders magazine, and reprinted in The Year’s Best Horror Stories, Series VIII, in 1980. Not abject horror or terror — more a haunted feeling. A presence … or a ghost. The idea that something of our identity lives on in the world after we leave. And maybe one more reason to stay alert while driving on the Interstate late at night.
Don’t know how I found this Kevin A. Lyons and series, but really have liked his writing and the story he tells. and am looking forward to more stories. And,unlike a lot of books I’ve been reading lately, the grammar and spelling are correct and the story flows smoothly.
This was a great read. It was my first Mystery as recommended Choice. I’d suggest it to others too.