Alyssa s Needs Volume One

Alyssa s Needs Volume One By Olivia M. Ravensworth
A novel of cuckolding and femdom fiction.Married and devoted to the gorgeous Alyssa, Brad is about to be told he is not enough for her and must put his wife’s needs first.Given an ultimatum of no sex until he agrees to his wife having multiple partners, Brad tries to hold out but, when he finally caves in, he finds himself becoming more and more enslaved to his wife and her needs.A femdom ebook from Femdom Cave containing cuckold husband, obedient cuckold, dominant wife, oral servitude and tease and denial.
I bought this for my grandson, but when I got to readidng the samples pages, I GOT HOOKED on Alyssa s Needs Volume One.
Alyssa s Needs Volume One started out very good but dragged on forever. The ending left me little disappointed. I think a good book.