Interregnum By Owen Tobias
A short story set in the world of the Amair Cycle. Master Allen, a former soldier and member of the Academy, determines to find out who or what has invaded his city. He travels outside the shattered city walls to at last discover the identity of the invaders. What he discovers goes against everything he believes… The events in this short story take place after Magnus: Storm Building, and part way through Magnus: Storm Breaking, although is not necessary to be familiar with the books of the Amair Cycle in order to read and enjoy this story.
I liked Interregnum and found it fascinating to learn about it. The book starts a little slowly but evolves into a fantastic journey, that along the way, communicates a sense of how irrational life must be. There are scenes and characters that will stay with you well after you’ve finished the book. Very satisfying. I recommend also reading.
one that I could not put down. I was late for a lot of appointments and stayed up late because I had to finish just one more chapter. I would highly recommend this book and can’t wait to read Mr. Quick’s next novel.