The Eidolon Offramp

The Eidolon Offramp By Richard Alan Dickson
Stay out of the PFAST lane. Gary knew the saying. He’d heard it all his life, even before Phased-Frequency travel: one highway split into a million different overlapping roads. It was the ultimate solution to gridlock, except for the few who never rematerialized at the end of the ride. No, sir. Gary never traveled the road. Naturally, that was the one thing his kid brother wanted him to do. But Gary knew the saying… He should have just said no. * * * This electronic edition of the story, “The Eidolon Offramp” includes the complete bonus story, “Red, White and Retirement Blues.”
I highly recommend The Eidolon Offramp. All in a good book not regretting having read it.
I absolutely love The Eidolon Offramp. All of this book, I have read this book twice, and have recommended it to all of my friends and family. Such an amazing book, please read it!!