Healers on the Mountain and Other Myths of Native American

A unique characteristic of Native American medicine is the belief that each patient holds a different spirit, and that the healing can only work when it affects the individual spirit. Mythology is essential to this healing process. The belief stories within these pages reflect a culture that holds both poignant and alarming lessons. Readers of this book will discover the intriguing past and knowledge of Native American history and beliefs which are more enlightening than they may have previously realized. TERESA PIJOAN was raised as a young child on San Juan Pueblo Reservation in New Mexico by her Barcelona born father and her New York born mother. When Teresa was twelve years old, her family moved to Nambe Indian Reservation. She also spent several summers with her adopted aunt at Hopi. As a University of New Mexico at Valencia history professor, Teresa Pijoan, PhD, is an internationally acclaimed author, storyteller, and lecturer. She has won many awards for her teaching and her publications. Her other books from Sunstone Press are “American Indian Creation Myths,” “Pueblo Indian Wisdom,” “Ways of Indian Magic,” and “Dead Kachina Man.”
I have not read much of Teresa Pijoan PhD before, so I cannot contrast this book with those that came before it. I will say this it is unlikely to recede from my mind anytime soon.
Healers on the Mountain and Other Myths of Native American By Teresa Pijoan PhD
I read these stories first and was delighted to read them. Teresa Pijoan PhD is writer Excellent.